About us

Track Farms was started in 2019 by Trevor Rueth and Cody Kerrigan (TRaCK), two guys from Frankfort who have been best friends since high school. The farm is located just south of Frankfort, IL, right where suburban sprawl begins to give way to gravel roads.

Cody grew up on the farm, and eventually bought it from his parents. Trevor is the resident expert farmer. He worked as a farmhand for 10 years in Minnesota before returning to Frankfort to start Track Farms with Cody.

Rooted in the community

Trevor and Cody both share a passion for farming using regenerative practices that improve the health of the soil. They understand the importance of sustainable sources of food and leading healthy lifestyles which is why they are setting out to grow nutrient rich produce and bring it right to the plates of the local community.

Our mission

Track Farms mission is to enhance the daily wellness of our customers by providing quality products developed through local partnerships.