What are CBD Tinctures?

CBD Tinctures are extracted from the organic matter of the hemp plant using a mixture of distilled alcohol and glycerin. This is different from CBD oil, which is created using oil based carriers (i.e Coconut oil, Vegetable oil, etc). By using alcohol instead of oil based carriers, it allows CBD Tinctures to have more bioavailability (how your body absorbs the oil) and a longer shelf life.

CBD Tinctures are a non-smokable alternative for ingesting CBD. Tinctures come in liquid form and are typically administered under the tongue using a dropper. Sublingual administration (under the tongue) is one of the quickest delivery methods, just behind inhalation administration (the back of your mouth). This is because our sublingual drops are absorbed into the membranes of the mouth right into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract and liver.

How do I use CBD Tinctures and how much should I take?

While studies are continuously being conducted on how much CBD is the “correct” amount, a good rule of thumb for a starting dosage is .25 miligrams (mg) times your body weight per day. The chart below explains how many milliliters should be taken to achieve the desired milligram dosage based on your body weight.

*This chart is a guideline and depending on what purpose you are using our tinctures for you may need to increase or decrease the daily dosage depending on how your body reacts to CBD.
**Each bottle contains 30mL and each dropper contains 1mL
Using the dropper, place the desired dosage under your tongue. For best results, hold under tongue for 30-60 seconds. This allows the tincture to enter your bloodstream more effectively.

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Tinctures can also be added to other consumables such as coffee and tea.

**Our products are not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease. Please consult with your physician prior to use of any CBD product. Contains less than .3% THC. Keep out of reach of children. Never tested on animals. Not regulated by the FDA.